This about me section is a real challenge to fill. I’ll try my best to give some clues about me.

Ever wondered that you don’t fit in ? Jack of all, master of nothing ?

Hello, my name is Warq. My short story lead my from my happy childhood in Pakistan to a less funnier Paris suburbs where I pursued my dream of being an engineer. I would say less funnier because it was like an aliens arrival on a new planet. A new start from nothing. I had some good time at highschool. Some less good time at pre-engineering classes. Since then I’ve been working and I enjoy it.

However I do master my job but I feel like Jack a lot of times. Especially when I have to navigate swiftly among categories. This blog reunites all of my identities and my heritage.

I’m sure we can find a common wavelength, where we meet in ideas, travels and words. 🙂