Dear Karachi,

Do you remember me ? I remember you crystal clear. Do you know me ? Will you recognize me if I set foot to your land again ? While you have the excuse that you have to cater for so many souls, I only have one city to connect my roots to. But even me, I can’t say I know you. I parted ways before getting to know you better. Your landscape and charmes, your sea and institutions. Your streets are a mystery and your map is unfamiliar to me. 

Nevertheless, as I convince my host-country in an ever-lasting verbal argument that we are one. Dear Karachi, you welcomed my grandfather and even gave him a place to rest untill the final call. You welcomed them and then you welcomed my life. I’ve had a healthy childhood and I want you to know that I’ve grown up well because of the maturity you gave me. As I walk in another land, I miss you. I have the strange feeling of strangerhood from the very city I came from. 

Will you open a window to your heart for me ? Will you accept me ? How will you call me ? Warq from France ? When all over the the globe, I am Warq from Karachi ? Will you make a place for me ? 

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