Dear Warq, 

I received your letter and it was very nice hearing from you even if it is a decade and a half later. I have not forgotten you. How could I when I raised you? You and I have shared joy and sadness.  I taught you values and language and culture. I gave you an identity, how could I forget you ? When you get sad because of homesickness, know that I am sad too whenever I witness people leaving to never come back. I near the burden of guilt of not being able to harbour your dreams. But I am deeply disappointed that you didn’t believe in me either. 

Though I cannot say that there’s a place waiting for you, but if you come, I’ll make a pkace for you. I’ve so much to go through and so many hearts to shelter and care, and many lovers who truly care for me, I can’t afford to look beyond my frontiers right now. Know that anyone who passed once through my veins  has been loved for that shared moment, you and I walked together quite a long time. 

Whatever my inhabitants will call you is beyond my control but Warq, if you come back, I’ll call you Mine. Here’s my promise to you. 


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